Smartest Person in the Room is hosted by Laura Tremaine and produced by Megan Tietz.

Laura Tremaine is a Hollywood housewife. After years of writing a personal blog online, she is now podcasting as a way to procrastinate further writing. She is a regular co-host on the Sorta Awesome podcast, and is passionate about the idea of finding and learning from the smartest person in any room.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Connect with Laura on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Megan Tietz is the producer of Smartest Person in the Room. As creator and host of the Sorta Awesome podcast, she is no stranger to sitting behind the microphone, but she has surprised herself by falling in love with the magic that happens behind the scenes in podcast production. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and four children. 

Connect with Megan on twitter and Instagram.