The Hollywood series of Smartest Person in the Room has officially come to the end, but there's still a lot to discuss. In this wrap-up episode, host Laura and producer/editor Megan talk about the best and worst parts of creating the 8 parts of the inaugural topic for the show.

Laura and Megan talk about the most downloaded episode of the series and their personal favorites. They give a behind-the-scenes look at what was special and what was challenging about making the podcast.

They also address rumors and questions about the "lost" episode of the Hollywood series: Ep. #7, the interview with the high-powered talent agent that had to be removed 3 days after it debuted. 

This is a fun discussion for those who have already listened to most of the Hollywood series and want to hear more about the guests and the creative decisions behind the show. There's also a few hints about the next series topic, which will be hitting your earbuds soon.

You don't have to have listened to the entire Hollywood series to enjoy this wrap up, but those who have will get the most out of what Laura and Megan cover here. 

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