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Laura Tremaine knows Hollywood.

So it was only natural that Smartest Person in the Room start here, in her home town, in an industry that she both inhabits and studies. In keeping with the Smartest Person in the Room schematic, this series not only educates, but takes on unique angles of an business that intersects with all our lives. 

Episode #1 Disney Screenwriter and Director Phil Johnston

Episode #2 Production Designer Ethan Tobman

Episode #3 Executive Producer Shanna Zablow

Episode #4 Celebrity Bodyguard Wayne Newton

Episode #5 Documentary Producer Katie Doering

Episode #6 TV Writer/Director Julie Hebert

Episode #8 Producer/Director Jeff Tremaine

Episode #9 Wrap Up (including an explanation of what happened to Episode #7) 


Episode #37 Author and Voice Actor Rachael Macfarlane