In this episode I’ve invited the producer/editor of SPITR Megan Tietz to join me in a wrap up of the RELIGION series. We talk download statistics, listener reaction, and the most surprising thing for each of us while making these shows. 

In the six episodes of the RELIGION series, we talked to people about their conversion, identity, and the life-shaping path around their religion. 

We started with a show outlining the deep divide between American Evangelicals and Mormons, we talked with a Jewish woman about her cultural identity, a man who converted from Catholicism to Islam during the political turmoil of the 1960’s, a Washington Post religion reporter, Indian Hindus living in the United States, and a man who became an atheist when he realized science didn’t match up with the Bible

One edited down conversation with each of these guests doesn’t begin to cover the expanse of these topics. Still, our hope is that we learn a little something and broaden our perspective with each episode. This episode is best if you’re all caught up on the religion series. 

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