This is the beginning of a new series on this show, where we’re trying something a little different by making public a few real conversations that I had with my friend Yasmin Dunn about inherent racial bias. Yasmin and I have been having these discussions privately - or with our close friends in book club - for years now, and we thought that bringing these honest exchanges forward might be helpful for an audience who wants to learn more and ask more about race reconciliation.


That said, Yasmin and I are not perfect people and this is not a perfect conversation. We want to stress that neither of us claim to speak for the entirety of our respective races and in these episodes you’ll hear as speaking as friends do: candidly, with a slight shorthand, and with knowledge that the other is bringing only the best intentions. 

We want this series to be a launching point for YOU to start having your own conversations. So while feedback to me and Yasmin directly about our words is inevitable, we really want to point people inward or towards their own community. At the end of the series we’re going to talk more specifically about how to do this in your own life. 

In lieu of show notes for this episode, we’ve created a blog post with book, podcast, movie and documentary suggestions that can serve as a resource on this topic. We’ll add to this as the series goes on. 

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