The first three episodes in this series covered a range of heavier angles on the topic of bias. For this show, we wanted to go a bit lighter and look at our differing perspectives on certain pop culture phenomenons. In our real life book club, Yasmin and I often realize that we read and understand stories from a different lens, even beyond our individual preferences. It’s clear that growing up in contrasting areas of the country and, of course, with differing skin color, affects how we see everything from music to movies to the Great American novel. 

Pop Culture BIAS graphic.jpg

We discuss:



Halle Berry winning the Oscar for Monster's Ball

GOOD HAIR documentary by Chris Rock

Black Panther

Get Out

Jennifer Lopez

Scandal and Olivia Pope

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Monster by Walter Dean Myers.jpg

I read from these articles:

What It Means To Be Unapologetically Black (CNN)

Hey White People: LEMONADE Isn't For Us (GenTwenty)


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